Blezz Antislip Absorption Coasters

Blezz Antislip Absorption Coasters, Stylish and Practical Protection for Soft Drinks and Drinking Water with Chinoportuguese Deisgn 10.5×10.5X 0.7 cm

Brand : Generic

Material : Ceramic

Brand : Generic

Shape : Round

Product Care Instructions Hand Wash OnlyIs Dishwasher Safe No
About this item
Efficient Moisture Control: Crafted with strong water absorption capabilities, these mats excel with both hot and cold beverages. The ceramic and cork components are specially designed for optimal insulation and moisture absorption, ensuring swift moisture absorption and maintaining your tabletop’s cleanliness and dryness
Chino-Portuguese Fusion: Embrace the captivating charm of Chino-Portuguese design, a harmonious blend of two rich cultural traditions
Easy Maintenance: Simply wipe the tray clean with water after each use to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene. This simple cleaning routine helps maintain the tray’s hygiene, ensuring it’s always ready for your next serving or display
Avoid Stains: To extend the tray’s lifespan, prevent exposure to milk, creamy substances, tea, and coffee, as these can lead to stains. Do not soak for a long time to viod damage
Complete Set: Inside the package, you’ll find a coaster set comprising 1

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